Cyber Monday Sony Alpha NEX NEX5A/S Digital Camera

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Sony Alpha NEX NEX5A/S Digital Camera
The NEX-5 has all picture quality of a DSLR, yet it's about half the size, half the weight and far less complex. Pulling off this minor miracle took some clever innovations in glass, silicon and software code. 

The performance of a DSLR, in about half the size and weight.5 The NEX-5 is the interchangeable lens camera that goes wherever you do. Enjoy Full HD 1080/60i movies,2 astounding low-light pictures, continuous shooting up to 7 fps, incredible panorama shots, and Live View on a tilting 3.0-inch6 LCD.

Review Alpha Camera
OK - I just love new gadgets and technology. I had been using a D90 for nearly 2 years but upgraded to a D700 and use it for all of my heavy lifting photo shoots. (what a great camera). However, I wasn't using my D90 except on the rare occasion that I wanted to use two bodies on a shoot and used the D90 for my 70-300 lens for telephoto shots, giving me up to 450mm. OK, I digress. 

Sony Alpha NEX-5 Overview 

Bigger Sensor, Better Pictures
Sony Alpha a55 Digital SLR from

In technical terms, the APS-C image sensor is 13 times the size of the typical sensor. In human terms, you'll be taking photographs, not snapshots. The bigger sensor means softer backgrounds, for more attractive portraits. 

World's Smallest and Lightest
Sony Alpha a55 Digital SLR from

The NEX-5 delivers the quality of a DSLR in a camera that's ready to go wherever you go. In fact, this is the world's smallest, lightest interchangeable lens digital camera (as of April 2010). It's roughly half the size and weight of Sony's smallest, lightest DSLR, the a230. 
Expect More from a Camera
Sony has always recognized that a digital camera could take pictures in ways that film cameras never dreamed of. That's why we've created new capabilities to take your photography further than ever. These include Sweep Panorama, Auto HDR, Handheld Twilight and Anti Motion Blur modes. 

High Def, Not Half Def
Sony Alpha a55 Digital SLR from

Many cameras take HD movies, but not so many offer the same Full HD 1080-line resolution as most broadcast HD networks. And very few have the same 60i frame rate for fluid, natural motion. In fact, this is the world's first interchangeable lens digital still camera with 1080/60i HD movies1. 

The Creativity of Changing Lenses
The beauty of SLR photography is the ability to change lenses to match your shooting situation. Now Sony brings that beauty to a compact camera. The NEX-5 gives you a choice of dedicated E-mount lenses, plus a choice of 28 A-mount lenses via an adaptor, sold separately. 

Sophistication Made Simple
Sony Alpha a55 Digital SLR from

Some cameras bristle with knobs, buttons and dials. The NEX-5 replaces them with a simple turn-and-click Control Wheel and a pair of Soft Keys. These give you easy access to the full power of digital photography. To make learning even easier, Sony includes an On-Screen Help Guide and On-Screen Tips. 

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